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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Parkend Swing-Bridge to Saul Junction.

A short 1.8 mile trip this morning to Saul Junction.

Approaching Parkend Swing-Bridge.

The Forest of Dean can be seen in the distance across the River Severn.

Now moored in the sunshine at Saul Junction.


Monday, May 21, 2018

Gloucester Docks to Just North of Parkend Swing-Bridge.

We moved from our weekend mooring in the dock to the visitor moorings just past Llanthony Bascule Bridge to do a food shop and then crossed the canal to empty the elsan and top up with water.

The lightship Sula which is for sale.

One of the stylish bridge-keepers cottages.

A rather magnificent tree.

Now moored just north of Parkend Swing-Bridge.


Lower Lode Inn to Gloucester Docks

Yesterday the engineer arrived with our replacement starter motor, which I fitted and it worked after a bit of adjustment. He has taken the faulty one away to see if it can be repaired for us as a spare. However the faulty starter has taken out one of the cells in the starter battery, so I am having to jump it with the domestic batteries for now. Approaching Haw Bridge.

Approaching Gloucester lock.

3 boats in Gloucester lock.

Now moored in Gloucester Dock for the weekend.

I have temporarily replaced the faulty starter battery with one of our domestic batteries which will suffice for now until we return to Warwick.


Monday, May 14, 2018

Upton to Lower Lode Inn

We set off this morning in company with our friends Adrian and Carol.

Tewkesbury Bridge.

The entrance/exit of the River Avon.

Approaching Upper Lode lock.

 Unfortunately whilst in Upper Lode lock I turned the engine off to hear what the lock-keeper was saying to the other boats. When I went to restart it the starter motor failed. Adrian and Carol expertly breasted up to us and brought us out of the lock to the pontoon moorings at Lower Lode Inn, where are are now moored.

The faulty starter motor, it has gone short circuit across the +ve and -ve terminals.

A quick phone call to the engineer who fitted it, and email sent with info and photos, and we are now awaiting him to bring us a replacement which he is going to have to build.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Hawford Tip Lock to Upton Upon Severn

Great day travelling down the River Severn in company with out friends Adrian and Carol on NB Rypeck. Approaching Diglis Locks.

It is great to be on a river again, Hadar does like to stretch her legs on a river.

Rivers are so different from canals, we both enjoy rivers.

Now moored at Upton upon Severn with NB Rypeck moored alongside us.


Friday, May 11, 2018

Droitwich to Hawford Top Lock.

Pleasant cruise down the Droitwich Barge canal this morning in company with our friends Adrian and Carol on Narrowboat Rypeck.

Now moored above Hawford top lock No.2, ready to go out onto the River Severn tomorrow.

Electronic river level indicator board above Hawford top lock No.2 

Droitwich canals map and restoration information board.

Bit of a contradiction to have a no public access sign on a stile?



Thursday, May 10, 2018

St. Richard's Canal Festival, Droitwich

Following 3 busy days helping to set up the St. Richard's Canal Festival site, these are just a few of the 670 photos I took over the Bank Holiday weekend.


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Diglis Visitor Moorings to Droitwich

Our original plan was to stay in Worcester for the weekend, but having checked the weather forecast for Monday we decided to set off this morning. Approaching the facilities at Diglis Basin.

Awaiting Diglis top lock to fill.

Setting off from the top lock to the bottom lock.

The entrance to the Worcester & Birmingham canal from which we have just come out on to the River Severn.

Approaching Worcester.

Diglis Hotel.

Worcester's swan fleet.

Worcestershire Cricket Club.

Worcester rowing club.

It is so nice to be able to stretch Hadar's legs on a river. 😊

Approaching Bevere lock, the only River Severn lock on this short excursion on to the river.

The first lock onto the Droitwich Barge Canal.

The second lock. We waited in this lock for a boat to catch up with us to share, we had spotted them approaching the first lock as we left it.

This is NB Swallowtail which we shared the remaining 7 locks with.

Now moored in Netherwich Basin in Droitwich, ready for the St. Richard's Canal Festival over the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend.