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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Poorly Generator.


Fingers crossed. Our local marine engineer visited today to look at our poorly generator. From my description of the problem, which we had during our trip out in October, he suspected air getting into the fuel line. A quick check around with a couple of spanners and he discovered that the pipe fitting on the top of the fuel tank, which is underneath the generator, was a bit loose. Having explained that I had replaced the pipework for the cooling system at the start of his visit, he wondered if I had loosened it accidentally when fitting the new pipework, which was very close to the fitting, and I did struggle to get the new pipework in around that fitting. This tied in, as the problem had started after I changed the cooling pipework. He also tightened a few other joints whilst he was at it Hopefully this has fixed the problem. We will know when we set off hopefully next month for our Spring/Summer cruise.


Saturday, January 07, 2017

New Beginnings

Now that Jo and I have stopped selling coal this year, and following my building a small model railway, which sits on the shelf above my display cabinet in our saloon, Jo suggested that I build a layout in the hold. I have started making plans, purchasing buildings, etc. and have created a separate BLOG to cover the building of this layout, which I have named “Hadarford”. If you are interested you can follow its construction at


This is an example of a building I bought on eBay, which had had a rather poor repaint, which I have repainted myself to a far better standard. Details of this repaint can also be seen on the BLOG.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day Trip to Coventry

Jo and I had a day trip on the bus to Coventry today to do some shopping.



Thursday, November 24, 2016


I have now set up a new BLOG to record the building of my new model railway, which I have named “HADARFORD”.

I will post on it as and when things occur related to the building of the layout. It can be accessed by clicking on this link or by using the new link in our BLOG list on the left-hand side of this BLOG.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Keith’s Rag Rugs for Sale on eBay

Rug 1a

I now offer my rag rugs for sale on eBay, you can view and buy them by clicking on this link.


Friday, October 28, 2016

Budbrooke Junction to The Saltisford Arm

0.25miles no locks in 10 mins. An extremely short journey this morning back onto our home mooring in the Saltisford Arm where we will spend the rest of the winter.



Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hatton to Budbrooke Junction

2.5 miles 21 locks in 3hrs 25 mins.

Breakfast at 9:00am at the Hatton locks café to give us energy before setting off down the locks.



We had nb Independence come into view behind us, so we waited for them to join us and we shared the locks which always makes life easier.


We stopped at Budbrooke junction to sell them some coal. We are going to stop here overnight as we know there is a boat on our mooring which will be leaving in the morning.



Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hatton Country World


This afternoon we took a walk to Hatton Country World. There were lots of children there on their half term holidays, and lots of pumpkins around.




Then we went to the café at Hatton top lock for a pot of tea and cake.



Lapworth to Hatton Locks.

4.65 miles, no locks in 1hr 50mins.

Another short hop today. Approaching Shrewley tunnel and horse tunnel.


Now moored near St. John's Bridge No.55 above Hatton locks.



Tuesday, October 25, 2016


This afternoon we took a walk through Lapworth, starting from Bridge No.65 on the Grand Union Canal, up the road crossing over the North Stratford Canal near Kingswood junction and past The Boot Inn.


It looks like Lapworth are going to have a huge bonfire on the 5th.


The footpath alongside the road took a detour through this wooded route.


Autumnal colours.


We joined the towpath of the North Stratford Canal at Bridge No.31.


More Autumnal colours, towpath side ferns this time.


We chatted to Keith and Lesley who live in this very pretty cottage alongside lock No.7 for well over an hour, they have lived there for 43 years.


The Canal Shop at lock No.14.


Kingswood junction on Stratford canals.


The link between the Stratford canals and the Grand Union.


We treated ourselves to a pint each of Lapworth Gold from the Byatt's Brewery at The Navigation, I think we deserved it.



Knowle to The Navigation, Lapworth.

3.4 miles & 5 locks in 2hrs 25mins.

Another short trip today. Two hire boats who came up the Knowle locks this morning had managed to drain one of the pounds on the Knowle flight of locks, but it did expose the remains of one of the old narrow locks, which is normally hidden.


Black Buoy Inn looks nice.SAM_2234

Now moored opposite the The Navigation, Lapworth.SAM_2235


Monday, October 24, 2016


We walked into Knowle, Stephen Goldsbrough Boatbuilders at Knowle Hall Wharf on the other side of the canal bridge.SAM_2222

The Church of St. John the Baptist, St. Lawrence and St. Anne.

SAM_2228The village sign, with the church in the back ground.


Chester House, now used as the library.


The Knot Garden behind Chester House.


The Toby Carvery where we had lunch washed down with a pint each of Doombar.


On our way back we popped inside the church and looked around the graveyard.



Catherine de Barnes to Knowle

2.85 miles no locks in 1hr 30mins

Very short hop today to above Knowle locks, had to reverse back from Kenilworth Road Bridge No.71 quite a long way before it was deep enough to moor up.